What is Equine Assisted Learning?

If your child or teen learns best when they are able to use problem-solving skills, be hands-on, and experiment with applying what they're learning, Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) might be the right fit for your family. 


EAL is the process of partnering with horses to create experiential learning opportunities that enable participants to develop skills in their desired areas. Whereas virtual coaching allows for flexibility and the benefit of being able to receive coaching in the comfort of your own home, the coaching that occurs in EAL is beneficial in that it provides opportunities for a hands-on mode of learning.

EAL takes place in person at our location in Los Gatos, CA. During sessions, clients complete activities and challenges with the horses (all on the ground, no riding involved) that support the concepts they are learning and exploring through coaching. 

Working with horses has several unique benefits to clients and their families - keep reading to learn the top 3 ways horses add value to this coaching program.

Why Horses?

By nature, horses embody strength, expression, and intuition. As herd animals they form deep relationships with others and teach us about compassion, respect, discipline, and authenticity. And because they are prey animals, horses are extremely attentive to their surroundings and to the behavior of those around them.

Horses react to and reflect what humans do; they attend to our verbal and nonverbal cues, they sense our energy and our intentions, and they reflect this by responding to us in ways that tell us about ourselves. Through our interactions with horses we have the ability to view ourselves and our circumstances through a different lens, improve awareness of ourselves and others, and identify strengths and areas for growth we may not have discovered otherwise.

By incorporating horses into sessions, we achieve several important things:

1) we decenter ourselves - having the horse as the focus of sessions removes some of the attention and pressure from both the coach and from the client

2) we learn to view situations through perspectives different from our own, and stretch our understanding of our experiences

3) we create a situation free from authority - we do not teach by telling clients what to do or think, we teach by allowing the client to learn through hands-on activities. This is especially valuable when working with teens!

What can eal help with?


EAL has been effectively used to support clients in a variety of ways. Working with horses is especially useful for teaching

  • effective communication

  • working together, teamwork

  • identifying current barriers

  • goal setting

  • setting boundaries

  • self-awareness

  • self-confidence

  • leadership

  • social skills

If it's a coachable skill, it's something we can cover with EAL! Contact me below to learn more about this type of coaching and see if it is the best approach for you and your family.


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